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Glitterz was founded in 2014 as a boutique marketing and events management company that offers unique and affordable solutions to our clients.

Since then the business has grown quickly, gaining a strong reputation throughout the region for creating and professionally managing innovative and impactful marketing solutions and reliable events management.We balance our blend of deep local market experience and global perspective with a customized approach for each client. We partner alongside our clients to tackle the tough questions, and develop actionable recommendations in order to achieve lasting results.

Glitterz is a Kenyan-based, limited liability company with its head office in Nairobi, Kenya and an op- erational structure in Kampala, Uganda. It is a full-service marketing and event management com- pany, created, designed and equipped to meet the needs of the new social world order. We custom- ize creative solutions that will achieve your objectives on time, with quality, within budget and in a memorable manner.

Glitterz is a response to the growing demands of the dynamic and emerging social structures in Ken- ya and Uganda. With new demands on time and energy and in between hectic work obligations, business travels and family responsibilities, the planning and execution of marketing plans and occa- sions or events of high caliber and in need of special recognition, are becoming increasingly difficult to efficiently manage and execute well in house.

As parents and family members, we recognize the needs of reserving our limited and special time for important family and personal matters as opposed to giving it to planning of events that can simply be professionally contracted out.

Glitterz is a boutique marketing and event management business aimed at delivering unprecedented value options: from delivering varied choices to best performance through good communication, imagery, PR and predictable professionalism.

In order to reach its lofty goals, Glitterz focuses on the mission behind the vision.

The VISION manifests itself in three ways:

  • To create a service-based, personalized and responsive company whose premier value is exceeding customer’s expectations.
  • To annually increase our number of served clients by 20% through superior service.
  • Produce the same quality result and impacts, every time.

Glitterz will provide a quality, unique and worry free marketing and event management solution at an affordable price.

Our keys to success include our commitment to quality by every person who is part of the team. Each of us is responsible to push ourselves to a higher level of professionalism in three areas:

  1. Consistent, accurate fulfillment of the client’s wishes.
  2. Competitive pricing for the quality of services offered.
  3. Integrity and lasting impressions.

Passion – We have a passion for delivering value to our clients

Respect – We treat our team members, customers, partners and suppliers with mutual respect and sensitivity, recognizing the importance of diversity

Excellence – We aim to be the best in quality and in everything we do

Innovation – We are creative in delivering value to our clients, shareholders, suppliers and the community. We anticipate change and capitalize on the many opportunities that arise

Empowerment – To empower our talented people to take the initiative

Teamwork – We promote and support a diverse, yet united, team. We work together to meet our common goals




This is to help our clients establish a vision for their event, to identify clear objectives and to set up a framework which will assist with event planning. These include:

  1. Identifying the purpose of the event
  2. Who is your target audience?
  3. Possible Venues
  4. Suggested themes
  5. Entertainment Ideas
  6. Catering Styles
  7. Financial Objective
  8. Possible revenue streams


Once the Event Concept has been established and objectives are clear the Event Planning Process can commence. The Event Planning Process will turn your vision into an accountable project via the development of the following vital planning tools:

  1. Critical Paths
  2. Budget
  3. Marketing plans


The creation of planning tools is only the beginning of the journey, these tools are of no use if they are not implemented and managed correctly. Glitterz will act as the Project Manager monitoring progress and ensuring that everyone stays on track and nothing slips through the cracks. The Event Management Process covers (but is not limited to) the following projects:

  1. Executing The Marketing And Communications Plans
  2. Event Programme Design And Management
  3. Event Themes
  4. Booking Venues And On-Going Liaison
  5. Securing Keynote Or Guest Speakers
  6. Entertainment
  7. Musical Acts
  8. Photographers Etc –
  9. Appointing Audiovisual Suppliers –
  10. Arranging Catering
  11. Creating Gift Hampers
  12. Booking Accommodation
  13. Arranging Transport
  14. Managing The Registration
  15. Process/Invitations And Rsvp
  16. Onsite Event Management
  17. After Event Service Such As Appreciation Gifts And Notes
  18. Monitoring And Reporting

Event Planning

Glitterz provides event planning in a wide range of applications in both Corporate and Social events

We guarantee satisfaction in the areas of appearance, performance, and taste. The following is a sampling of the types of events we plan. This list isn’t an exhaustive one, but as the examples illustrate, special events may be business related, purely social or somewhere in between:

  • Product launches.
  • Team building and Corporate Retreats
  • Conferences and Workshops
  • CSR Events.
  • Wedding Ceremonies and Receptions.
  • Fashion shows
  • Concerts.
  • Motor shows / Sports Events
  • Bridal/baby showers


Corporate social responsibility (CSR) means going beyond economics and including social and environmental factors in our actions.

CSR is an integral part of Glitterz’s corporate concept and is reflected in all our businesses and our close ties with the communities in which we operate. It is a key prerequisite for the success of our business.

Today, our CSR involvement comprises a wide range of topics as well as strong stakeholder involvement, both of which we continuously develop. For us, CSR means responsible business practices, something that encompasses economic, ecological and social aspects. In all our activities, we are committed to working in ways that are true to Glitterz’s premier values. When we do, we continue to build on our success today and for tomorrow.

Glitterz is committed to being a socially responsible company, conducting its operations with concern for the impact of its activities on its customers, suppliers, employees, communities and other stakeholders, as well as the environment. The company aims for an overall positive impact on society by contributing to the culture, benefits, welfare and quality of life for people throughout the nation, for its prosperity as a company is directly linked to the prosperity of the entire community.

As an organization whose core business revolves around people, Glitterz recognizes and performs the obligations we have towards our staff, clients, suppliers, competitors and community as a whole.



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